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Sneak Peek ~ Orlin

It’s birthday time again for Orlin.  He is about to celebrate his 3rd birthday and, oh, is he a 3-year old boy!  Energetic, happy and fast!  A fast shutter speed is necessary to catch up […]

Sneak Peek ~ the Danfors

Who knew an engineering/construction yard would have so many background options?  I hung out with my lovely sister and her husband while we waited to get me to the airport after my nephew’s wedding and […]

Sneak Peek ~ Sabriya & Violette

Say hello to these cute twin sisters who wanted nothing to do with me. Seriously. “Uh-uh” was their favorite response. We got some great candids of them as they tried their best to ignore me. […]

Sneak Peek ~ Mason

Little Mason and my daughter were barely 1-year old when we moved in next to each other.  Not even walking.  Look how big he is now!  It’s almost sad how much time has passed but […]

Sneak Peek ~ Dylan

My daughter and Dylan were inseparable as neighbors!  7 am in the morning – “Can I go see if Dylan’s awake?!”.  It was so much fun to see them together again.  Dylan is full of […]

Sneak Peek ~ Ammon

My poor friend drives all the way across the country with her four kids just to have their pictures taken by me (okay, so that’s not really why, but I do believe we were the […]