Sneak Peek ~ the Robertsons

First we did their engagement pictures, then their wedding and now yearly family photos with their growing family.  It’s great when our clients follow us around the country! Baby number two will be arriving next […]

Sneak Peek ~ Natalie

It has been awhile, but we are back shooting.  Emmy is getting settled in Texas and we are formulating marketing plans for North Carolina and Texas.  You can also see that we are in the […]

Sneak Peek ~ Kenna

Introducing little Kenna with her beautiful dark hair and mild temperament. No crying from this girlie, although, as is usual, she fought to the bitter end to stay awake and keep an eye on what […]

Sneak Peek ~ Orlin

It’s birthday time again for Orlin.  He is about to celebrate his 3rd birthday and, oh, is he a 3-year old boy!  Energetic, happy and fast!  A fast shutter speed is necessary to catch up […]

Sneak Peek ~ Wade & Ali

My nieces and nephews keep getting married! Ali is the third one this year…I’ve made the rest promise they’ll wait awhile until we’re rested up again; I’ve got 34 of them (plus mine and Bre’s […]

Sneak Peek ~ Ty

Photographing milestones of family’s lives year after year is one of the most rewarding parts of our jobs.  We first met this family a few years ago during their engagement session and over the summer […]

How to Contact Emmy

I apologize to anyone who has been trying to call me unsuccessfully.  My cell phone broke while I was out of the country and won’t turn on at all; my new phone was apparently pre-ordered […]

Sneak Peek ~ Lila

Beautiful little Lila and her parents were such a pleasure to work with.  They were surprised that she stayed awake for nearly all her session as she had barely been awake during the week since […]