When do I need to book my session?
We recommend scheduling your appointment two months in advance to ensure our availability.  Our busy season is the Fall so our slots fill up quickly.  It is always best to book as far in advance as you can.  Keep in mind when choosing your date that it will take up to 3 weeks for you to receive your pictures after your session.

How many images will I get back?
The number of pictures returned on your CD depends on the type of session, the number of sets we did and the time we were able to actually spend shooting.  Each session is very different so the specific number can vary.  On the low end, you can expect around 20 images.  If we are able to shoot a lot of sets and there is a variety of expression and posing within the sets, you can expect to receive many more.  We don’t cap the number of images we return, which is good news for you!

Can I choose the pictures that you edit and I receive on my CD?
No, and this is why.  When you hire us, we have an understanding that you are hiring our professional eye to create a product that is captured with our style and creativity.  With digital photography, we are able to take many pictures.  Most of the pictures within a set are virtually identical, as we shoot a series of pictures off in a matter of seconds.  We delete the ones with flaws, such as closed eyes, funny expressions, blurry arms or heads due to movement of subject and the ones that are not up to our professional standards.   We choose a good range of pictures that best represent your session and give them to you on a CD for you to find your favorites.

Can I reprint my own pictures?
Yes, you can.  All sessions include a print release, which means you can print your images where you like.  We offer professional quality printing and highly encourage our clients to take advantage of this service.  The image files you receive are calibrated with our professional printing company which means your final print product will look exactly the way we created it.  Honestly put, if you print elsewhere, your final print product will not look correct.  How will it not look correct?  The color tone and saturation are always off and the quality is not up to our standards.  We want your prints to be a correct representation of what we created for you.

How long will my session take?
This depends on the type of session and what results you are looking for.  For instance, if you are just looking to update your family photos, that won’t take very much time at all.  If you are looking to tell a story with your pictures or create a beautiful custom-designed album with them, that takes a little more time.  We don’t set a clock at the beginning of our time together but we have a general range we use for each type of session based on our experience and schedule our appointments accordingly.  Newborn sessions usually take between 1-2 hours;  one-person sessions can take between 20 -45 minutes, the low time being for children who are just not having fun!; engagement sessions can take an hour or a little more, again, depending on what the couple is planning on using their images for; family sessions generally take up to an hour.  If you have any specific needs or requests, let us know at the time of your booking so we can plan accordingly.  Please remember, if you are late to your session, this will cut into the time that we have for you.

What is your online posting policy?
Each CD includes a subfolder containing web-sized files with our logo on the images.  We require these images to be used when posting to social media or other public digital display.  Our written approval is required for any other public or commercial use of our work.

What is your cancellation policy?
Upon booking your session, a 50% deposit is required.  This can be paid via a link to PayPal on our site.  Once this is paid, your date and time is reserved.  If you need to reschedule or cancel, we require a 24 hour notice. Your deposit will be applied toward your new session date and time.  If you are unable to reschedule, we will refund your deposit in full.  Your deposit will be forfeited if we do not receive a 24 hour cancellation notice.

Can I include my pet?
Yes.  We charge $25 for your pet to be a part of your photography session.  Just remember, we are not pet photographers!

What are your shooting locations?
We use our in-home studios for newborns and children up to one year of age.  All other sessions are shot outdoors.  We have our favorite locations that we can recommend to you and are also open to your suggestions.  If the location you have in mind is outside a 10-mile radius of zip code 07017 or 15-mile radius of zip code 14619, a travel fee will apply.  Contact us for details.

What if the weather is bad?
Typically, we only reschedule due to rainstorms, snowstorms or windstorms.  Those are the only elements that we cannot work with.  Heat and cold are non-issues.  The decision to reschedule due to weather is up to our discretion.  If you wake up and it looks like a storm is brewing, don’t fret.  We keep an eye on the weather and will be sure to contact you a few hours prior to your appointment time if rescheduling is necessary.  We don’t have backup indoor photography locations as we are not studio photographers and rely on natural light.

Do you retouch pictures?
You will find that our cameras and editing processes smooth out a lot of your average skin flaws.  If you are looking to alter your image, our standard fee $10 per image.  Depending on your request and the amount of time needed, this fee might vary.

Can my pictures be ready in less than 3 weeks?
Yes.  Our expedited turnaround time is 1 week.  We charge $30 for this service.

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