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How to Contact Emmy

I apologize to anyone who has been trying to call me unsuccessfully.  My cell phone broke while I was out of the country and won’t turn on at all; my new phone was apparently pre-ordered […]

Phildelphia 2016

It’s that time of the year again!  A bit of a late notice but here is our Fall photography session information for the Philadelphia area.  If we get enough responses from clients who would rather have September […]

Fall Notes

Due to increasingly busy family life and BreAnne’s recent move to North Carolina, we have decided to forgo our yearly trip to Ohio. We are disappointed that we won’t be able to make it as […]

Sneak Peek ~ the Danfors

Who knew an engineering/construction yard would have so many background options?  I hung out with my lovely sister and her husband while we waited to get me to the airport after my nephew’s wedding and […]

Sneak Peek ~ Cody & Alayna

This is my nephew Cody and his beautiful bride, Alayna.  They were married just about 2 weeks ago and boy, that makes me feel old!  I still remember the day he was born; he is […]

Sneak Peek ~ Christian

Here is another follow-up to a maternity session.  This is Christian; we met his mom and dad at their session a few months ago.  Christian is a delight!  He was very cooperative and oh so […]

Sneak Peek ~ Sabriya & Violette

Say hello to these cute twin sisters who wanted nothing to do with me. Seriously. “Uh-uh” was their favorite response. We got some great candids of them as they tried their best to ignore me. […]

Sneak Peek ~ Mason

Little Mason and my daughter were barely 1-year old when we moved in next to each other.  Not even walking.  Look how big he is now!  It’s almost sad how much time has passed but […]

Sneak Peek ~ Dylan

My daughter and Dylan were inseparable as neighbors!  7 am in the morning – “Can I go see if Dylan’s awake?!”.  It was so much fun to see them together again.  Dylan is full of […]