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We are Bre and Emmy.  We are cousins, best friends and business partners.  In 2009, we partnered up and created Be Original Photography and Be Original Photo Designs.  Since starting up, we have had the opportunity to meet and work with many amazing clients; we love our clients!  We have been based out of Utah, Texas, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey and now Texas and North Carolina.  Our clients are so great that they have kept us on as their photographers even as we have moved.  Every year, we take the opportunity to revisit our old stomping grounds and work with them again.  We do this because we appreciate their loyalty and truly enjoy working with them.

We are lifestyle photographers and shoot in a photojournalistic style in order to tell a story with your pictures.  Our clients choose us because of our creativity, eye-catching compositions and the outstanding caliber of our work.  We are not just snapping pictures, we are creating original artwork.  Each individual, couple or family we work with has their own energy and dynamic.  Our focus as your photographer is to make that stand out in your pictures.

We aren’t only photographers, we are also graphic designers.  Our online photo design store offers modern and whimsical announcements and invitations to help you celebrate life’s memorable events.  Our save-the-date cards, holiday cards, birth announcements and graduation announcements are one of a kind.  The designs are all our own!  In fact, everything about Be Original is all our own; we don’t outsource or have other employees.  It’s just the two of us.  We guarantee every product ordered from us will receive our personal attention and care.  When your ordered is received, we don’t just submit it to the printer and call it good like the bigger companies.  One of us will take the time to send you a proof or, sometimes, multiple proofs as we perfect your product.  We hold ourselves to a high standard and pride ourselves on the clarity of our images and the quality of the products that we design and offer.

We look forward to impressing you!

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“I wanted to share with you that we really enjoyed our shoot.   We were really nervous about Willow and how she would handle the whole thing.  She tends to be happiest in the mornings and pretty cranky in the evenings so we kept our expectations very low.   The experience FAR surpassed what our expectations were and we could not possibly be happier.

It’s one thing to be able to take good photos of infants; it’s a whole different ball game to be so incredibly talented with them.   We quickly realized you were better at calming her then we are.   No worries, we watched closely.   I’m not sure if it’s in your write-ups at all (I didn’t look closely) but certainly it’s a benefit of your business that you have such a way with newborns and experience helping mom to keep them calm for the shoot.”

Laura — New Mom

OK. All I can say is wow. Simply amazing. Thanks for making us look 1000% better than we really do in real life :).

Cassie — Recently Engaged

Thank you so much for the beautiful photographs! Everyone loved them – they got rave reviews! And I have to admit, as much as I was dreading having my picture taken, it really wasn’t that bad at all 🙂 – you did such a great job, I loved it!

– Amanda, Recently Engaged

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