Meet Bre & Emmy

is fast approaching her mid-30s
is married to a hematology/oncology fellow
has four very cute sons
still really likes her patient, good looking husband after 13 years of marriage
wants to travel more
has a thing for shoes
loves to sleep
is a crazy organized freak
loves all things german
wants to drive a volkswagen forever
wishes that she liked to eat healthy and exercise
listens to music a lot
loves to eat donuts, ice cream, and homemade pie
has a pretty cool sister and two pretty cool brothers

can no longer say she’s in her mid-30s
has seven adorable kids, four girls and three boys
has a taco bell addiction
lives for road trips, anywhere
is thrilled they finally moved back to Texas
has three great brothers and two great sisters
has a thing for pampers and baby magic brands
wishes she could find blue bell ice cream at her grocery store
falls asleep reading every night
is married to an emergency medicine physician
is disgusted by wet paper of any kind
likes to wear bracelets
gets a kick out of her adrenaline-junky husband of 15 years
studied political science in college



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