Sneak Peek ~ Wade & Ali

My nieces and nephews keep getting married! Ali is the third one this year…I’ve made the rest promise they’ll wait awhile until we’re rested up again; I’ve got 34 of them (plus mine and Bre’s kids plus her nieces and nephews, whew…) so they really need to space themselves out.

These two were the cutest; Ali had the biggest grin on her face during the whole marriage ceremony and throughout the afternoon and evening. They exuded happiness. We all love how Ali is marrying into a ranching family and has lassos decorating their apartment, rides horses and mucks cow poop (actually, I could be making that last part up because I think it sounds great). My sister couldn’t get enough of the homemade dutch oven apple and berry cobblers that they served at their reception; good stuff. Here’s to a charmingly rustic, happy life!

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