How to Contact Emmy

I apologize to anyone who has been trying to call me unsuccessfully.  My cell phone broke while I was out of the country and won’t turn on at all; my new phone was apparently pre-ordered and not actually ordered, ready to send to me.  I also can’t remember my passcode so I haven’t been able to check my messages or change my outgoing greeting to tell people how to reach me.  I hope to be back in the world of texting and cell phone service by the first of November.  In the meantime, email is the best way to reach me ( or you can call Bre, who can schedule, answer questions, or contact me.  Her number is 919-259-2731.

Keep an eye out for some exciting print product specials that we have coming up, including discounts on metal prints, canvas art and Christmas ornaments!

Thanks for your patience.

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