Sneak Peek ~ Ammon

My poor friend drives all the way across the country with her four kids just to have their pictures taken by me (okay, so that’s not really why, but I do believe we were the main event in any case) and she’s now at my mercy to get her pictures back.  These were taken a month ago just prior to our families’ summer busy-ness exploding and, unfortunately, I have taken my sweet time finishing them up for her.  The sneak peeks will be trickling in over the next few days and my goal is to have them all wrapped up for my favorite ex-neighbors by the weekend.

Here is Ammon, who, I swear, grew a foot since I saw him last.  He’s a tall, lanky kid who towers over my boys now.  They had so much fun being back together again; it was nearly like to old days but instead of heading next door to home and bed when it got dark, they headed to the porch with the intention of sleeping out but really played pranks on the girls in the tent all night.  Actually, I think it was the girls who played the most pranks…

I love summertime!

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