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Many of you didn’t know that Emmy’s baby girl had a congenital heart defect known as Transposition of the Great Arteries that required her to have open heart surgery within a few days of birth.  They found out about her condition at Emmy’s regular 2nd trimester ultrasound so there was plenty of time to prepare.  Apparently, of all the heart defects, this is the one to have.  Once it’s fixed, it’s fixed.  The baby’s surgery went as smoothly as possible.  In fact, the anesthesiology attending told her resident after the surgery to never expect to see anything like that again – there were no complications or hiccups, it was incredibly fast (about 50 minutes on bypass) and couldn’t have gone more smoothly.  She had to have two additional cath lab procedures throughout her hospital stay which left her with two blood clots in her legs so she came home on blood thinners.  Other than that, she only needed the feeding tube she came home with for a few days and another routine medication, which has subsequently been weaned.  You wouldn’t know from looking at her all that she had been through.  Here are a few pictures from the hospital and her baby announcement.

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    Mom & Dad R

    Our precious miracle girl; an answer to prayer and many prayers answered. We love her and all y’all!

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