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Sneak Peek ~ Kenna

Introducing little Kenna with her beautiful dark hair and mild temperament. No crying from this girlie, although, as is usual, she fought to the bitter end to stay awake and keep an eye on what we were doing.

Be Original Photography
Be Original Photography

Sneak Peek ~ Acampora

After a long winter vacation, we are back!  Slowly, though.  Emmy is winding down in NJ and preparing for their big move to Texas this Spring.  BreAnne is just starting to market in NC.

But, finally, a sneak peek! This poor family found out the hard way the truth of the old saying, “Third time’s a charm”! Due to a hectic family schedule, they were running late the first time we tried to meet and the sun set so they had to turn around and go home halfway there. The second time, a light snowfall turned into an ugly torrent of heavy, wet snow. We finally were able to meet on a bright, sunny day.

Be Original Photography
Be Original Photography

Sneak Peek ~ Orlin

It’s birthday time again for Orlin.  He is about to celebrate his 3rd birthday and, oh, is he a 3-year old boy!  Energetic, happy and fast!  A fast shutter speed is necessary to catch up with this guy; all you can do is shoot in burst mode as he runs circles around you!  He has such a contagious smile; it was so good to see him again this year.

Be Original Photography

Sneak Peek ~ Farron, Jay & Christian

Little Christian is so big now!!  And he was not impressed enough with the goings-on to smile.  The weather was certainly impressive for us, though.  We had a beautiful day at the riverfront for their mini-session.

Be Original Photography

Sneak Peek ~ Wade & Ali

My nieces and nephews keep getting married! Ali is the third one this year…I’ve made the rest promise they’ll wait awhile until we’re rested up again; I’ve got 34 of them (plus mine and Bre’s kids plus her nieces and nephews, whew…) so they really need to space themselves out.

These two were the cutest; Ali had the biggest grin on her face during the whole marriage ceremony and throughout the afternoon and evening. They exuded happiness. We all love how Ali is marrying into a ranching family and has lassos decorating their apartment, rides horses and mucks cow poop (actually, I could be making that last part up because I think it sounds great). My sister couldn’t get enough of the homemade dutch oven apple and berry cobblers that they served at their reception; good stuff. Here’s to a charmingly rustic, happy life!

Be Original PhotographyBe Original Photography

Sneak Peek ~ Ty

Photographing milestones of family’s lives year after year is one of the most rewarding parts of our jobs.  We first met this family a few years ago during their engagement session and over the summer revisited this pretty mama during her maternity session.  Now we get to meet their new little guy, Ty.  Ty was one month old when we met.  He is adorable, squishy-yummy (that’s a thing), smells amazing (I passed on the magic of Baby Magic lotion to them) and is stiff!  This boy does not like his knees bent at all!  No scrunchy poses for him; he didn’t want to make things easy.   We cuddled a lot, though, so it’s all okay.

Be Original Photography

How to Contact Emmy

I apologize to anyone who has been trying to call me unsuccessfully.  My cell phone broke while I was out of the country and won’t turn on at all; my new phone was apparently pre-ordered and not actually ordered, ready to send to me.  I also can’t remember my passcode so I haven’t been able to check my messages or change my outgoing greeting to tell people how to reach me.  I hope to be back in the world of texting and cell phone service by the first of November.  In the meantime, email is the best way to reach me (emmy@beoriginalphotography.com) or you can call Bre, who can schedule, answer questions, or contact me.  Her number is 919-259-2731.

Keep an eye out for some exciting print product specials that we have coming up, including discounts on metal prints, canvas art and Christmas ornaments!

Thanks for your patience.

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Be Original Photography

Sneak Peek ~ Lila

Beautiful little Lila and her parents were such a pleasure to work with.  They were surprised that she stayed awake for nearly all her session as she had barely been awake during the week since her birth – Bre and I tend to have that affect on newborns.  Maybe it’s something to do with the big flash that keeps going off in their eyes…  Despite being awake, Lila was a dream subject – bright eyed, calm and pretty.

Be Original Photography

Sneak Peek ~ Gwen, 6 Months!

Little Gwen is 6 months old now! Her health could not be better – other than her scar, there is not a single thing that would give away her rocky start to life. She had an echo done last week and the first comment the tech made was, “Wow, that’s a really good repair!” Thank you very much, Dr. Spray and CHOP!

Be Original Photography

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